About Michelle

Michelle Yelen brings a lot of energy and a long history of success to her real estate transactions. Real estate sellers and buyers have repeatedly used Michelle since 1977 because of her integrity, depth of knowledge, and overriding ability to create a satisfying real estate experience.

Michelle is an excellent negotiator and understands how to make everyone feel like a winner. She has earned the respect of her peers as well as her loyal clients. Attorneys, corporate executives, and real estate professionals frequently refer their clients and customers to Michelle because of her reputation for hard work, attention to detail, and market savvy.

Michelle puts clients first. She makes sure her clients make wise investment decisions and that they are happy with their choices. Her goal for sellers is to assist them in obtaining top dollar for their property. Each listing receives a custom marketing plan that determines the target buyers, how to best prepare the property for sale, and guarantees the property receives maximum exposure.

DRE 631010.